Telema EDISupplier is a fully integrated solution for electronic document interchange (EDI). There is no need to print and send on paper or receive and rekey any of your usual business documents, such as orders, despatch advices, invoices, etc. All of the documents are automatically sent and received in your and your partners’ ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning System). 


Telema EDISupplier gives you possibility to enjoy all of the benefits of EDI:

  • computer-to-computer exchange with minimal or no human input;
  • without the need to rekey information, data errors are significantly reduced or totally eliminated;
  • many business processes become more efficient as paper handling is removed;
  • business can be conducted more quickly as the electronic documents can be automatically integrated into other business systems;
  • as the data quality is higher, it speeds up the entire transaction process as there are fewer occasions where 
    errors arise and work has to be done again.

How it works?


* Send and receive business documents via EDI

* Monitor received invoices and sent orders over Telema Portal

* Administrate user rights and linked partners

* Use additional services if needed: splitting, modifying, matching, validating.

* Any document format: Telema eDoc, SAP iDoc, EDIFACT, etc.

* Any communication channel: SOAP, FTP, HTTPS, AS2, etc.

* Any message type: orders, invoices, despatch advices, receive advices

* Any business software: today more than 100 supported.

* Connections are secured

* Servers are clustered

* System is hosted at profes-sional hosting center

* Multiple level monitoring

* 99% availability

Using Telema EDISupplier eliminates the need to establish direct EDI connections to your clients. Monitoring, updating and fixing problems in those channels is now problem of the EDI Operator, not your IT department.
Telema network connects over 1000 suppliers to more than 3500 shops.

Integration made REALLY EASY

To make integration process for you really easy and less expensive Telema is investing into cooperation with ERP-providers. As a result some ERP softwares already have a standard Telema EDI Module for receiving sales orders and issuing sales invoices, as well as other electronic documents via Telema EDISupplier.

Find out more by exploring the list of the supported softwares and Telema Certified Partners activation terms.

In addition

We can help you, if you need to...

  • receive automatically also orders from your small customers, e.g. HoReca — Telema WebShop;
  • get better overview and efficiency in running your mobile sales agents — Telema MMT;
  • make more efficient the work of your sales secretaries receiving orders by phone — Telema TeleSales;
  • take the next step in cooperation with your buyers — Telema VMI;
  • streamline communication with your suppliers — Telema WebBuyer or Telema EDIBuyer.